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aisal Hoque, Author Of “Everything Connects – How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability”, Is On The Stu Taylor Show

Listen to Faisal Hoque here. – http://urbusinessnetwork.com/faisal-hoque-author-everything-connects-transform-lead-age-creativity-innovation-sustainability-stu-taylor-show/.

Faisal Hoque came on the Stu Taylor Show to discuss his new book, “Everything Connects”. Faisal is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and an author. He is named as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Technology and Top 100 Thought Leaders. He is the founder of SHADOKA and many other companies. Faisal has also appeared in great publications such as the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and many more.To learn more about Faisal Hoque and his story, check out his website at www.faisalhoque.com.

Faisal says that humans are trying to re-invent themselves regularly. “If we are not re-inventing ourselves, that’s when we become stagnant and become irrelevant to society”, says Faisal. If you have a negative outlook on things, people won’t be inspired to work with you. Faisal says that it’s important to look at the world with positive lens in order for people to enjoy working with you. He also gives his advice on entrepreneurship. He states that entrepreneurship is a journey in which you go through many different chapters. “Entrepreneurs are constantly re-inventing themselves, going through a lot of adversity”, says Faisal. He also makes a point about companies such as Coca Cola and Pepsi. He says that these companies are not just Coke and Pepsi, they carry many other products as well, because the company has to keep re-inventing itself in order to succeed. That applies to any company and any person, as re-invention is important to every part of life. He discusses that nature is a great teacher of transformation as everything in nature changes. Seasons change, eco systems change, and the climate changes. He compares this lesson of nature with people. “If people don’t change, they won’t survive”, says Faisal.

Faisal concludes his discussion with Stu Taylor with a really strong message for the listeners. He says that success or failure is a journey: what is today’s success is tomorrow’s failure and what is today’s failure is tomorrow’s success. Building up on a diversity of experiences is something that we all need to embrace if we want to succeed in the long run. “No matter where you are in your path, do not look at it as a destination, look at it as a foundation for your next journey”, says Faisal. To learn more about Faisal Hoque’s book, “Everything Connects”, check

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